Hyper-casual games

Hi guys!

I need to analyze the market of hyper-casual games on google play market and find statistics about all games in this genre for the last 3 years, as well as statistics on their downloads and revenue.

Do you know any free tools for this? I tried Sensor Tower and AppAnnie but to get the information you need to buy a paid subscription, and there are displayed only the most popular games from 50 m downloads.

Hey guys! I love casual games too. Have you ever played in RPG games? It takes you in another world of magic and custom characters. Where you will find youself as a wizard, archer, or even elf robber. Currently I am play in Warriors of Waterdeep. It is RPG game for mobile devices that is full of swords and magic :slight_smile: I was noob in that game but I guess that game is not so hard. However, to earn more experience I have searched topics or sites that could help me. Found one about warriors of waterdeep and it was very useful for me as person that loves not to spend much time on leveling up. Hope info was useful :slight_smile: