Huge Virtual Gaming Project - Need A Good Strong Reliable Team

Hello all, My name is Nathan and I’m currently working on a brand new project for a virtual gaming site to do with Fifa 18 called “VFLC”, some may have heard of this as they have 8,000 members signed up to it but some may not have. Bascilly what we’re trying to achieve is something that’s not really been done to Virtual Gaming Sites many times within the Fifa and EA Sports Community. The idea without giving too much away in a thread is to get live data from Fifa and to pull it into a HTML based site which can be viewed instantly and in real time. Doing this would mean that Virtual Gaming would exploded in the Fifa department and sponsors could potentially come from this but will take a bit of reconisation first tho. I need a good team who will be commited in this and has an interest in this sort of department if you like. I’ve just recently started learning coding and I’m okay with the HTML, CSS etc but we’re needing some help with pulling in live data, basically everything to do with the API etc. Will explain more in detail once I’ve got a team to help. Thanks x

Also forgot to add, if interested, add me on skype as it’s the easiest way to communicate and I’m always on it. 

My skype is: live:NathanSneddon_1 

Would like to do this asap so hmu and we can talk business etc. 

Still looking for a few people to help out on this project, please help and also message if you’re interested x

Anyone intereseted in helping out? Any help would be much appreicated by me and my current team 

Bump, still looking to assemble a team asap x

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