HTTPS Issues (godaddy)

I have issues loading for a custom subdomain.

These are my godaddy settings

CNAME www 1 Hour Edit
NS @ 1 Hour  
NS @ 1 Hour  
SOA @ Primary nameserver: 1 Hour  
CNAME _domainconnect 1 Hour

CNAME in github set to

I have enabled, Enforce https in github repo settings

When i try loading, insecure content blocked. this page is trying to load from unauthenticated sources. 

To reproduce: either load web page or click Load More posts button at the bottom.

If i remove the enforce https (in github repo settings), page is loading well.

Just to inform, i have followed this

Mine a subdomain.

I don’t know whys the error.

yesterday, I have observed page to be loading when i disable to https enforce.

Issue seems to be sporadic. Now i see that error irrespective of it enabled/disabled.

my repo,

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