When I load my website

It shows page not found

this is repo link someone help me

Hi, @atul288, is not a website address it is a Git Clone URL (as URL format ends in “.git”

If you are trying to create a GitHub pages sites, the format is normally something like http(s)://<username><repository> or http(s)://<organization><repository>

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Hi, @byrneh
I am not using Github page’s yet I just simply deployed my project on Github repository.
As I mentioned in my post that is repository link.

Will you please elaborate your solution.

HI @atul288.
The link you provided in your question is not for viewing in browser as a website.
To view you repository in GitHub GUI using a browser you would use

URL is used for Git operation such as clone, fetch, push see this getting-changes-from-a-remote-repository#cloning-a-repository. for example
git clone

Hi, @byrneh ,
I understand that this URL use for cloning, viewing repository.
But I’m using this link for opening the website Here
But isn’t working.
Hope you understand my word’s.

The URL link you quoted looks to be that of a GitHub Pages site but you say you are not using yet, if you have not successfully created a Pages site for that URL it explains the 404 error.
The source files for a project site are stored in the same repository as their project. Unless you’re using a custom domain, project sites are available at http(s)://<username><repository> or http(s)://<organization><repository>
see getting-started-with-github-pages for more details