HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found

Hi All,

I got 404 not found in github below is the command
sudo wget

Even with or without token im getting 404 not found

My script is private and save in github repository after 10 or 15mint when refresh the browser it show 404 not found

I have a script which upload on github i click on raw left side u see blame and edit and delete options are there.

Please help me How to solve it

Hi there @MohdRashid01!

Thanks for coming to the GitHub Support Community.

To access a file on a repository using a raw URL, you’ll need to include the token parameter in the URL. For example, if I had a file called index.html in a private repository called private, I would have to GET this URL to access the raw file:

To get a token:

  1. Head to the repository page on,
  2. Find the file you want,
  3. Click raw at the top of the editor, next to blame,
  4. Copy the URL in your browser address bar.

If you’re looking to programmatically access files, check out this guide on GitHub Docs. You’ll also need authentication to access the repository.

Let me know if you run into any issues!

Hi Timrossback,

Whatever u said i already have try with curl and wget both used in terminal but didnt work for me with token also not work here is the command i used it and in browser when i type this URL i get 404 not found
with token i got 404 not found
without token i got 404 not found

Even i try with curl command in terminal also but i got 404 not found
curl -v -H “Authorization: token 6699018739329xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3735”

Please help me

Thanks for getting back to me @MohdRashid01!

Just to confirm, you don’t need to establish the token as a header in the curl request - you simply need to include it in the URL:

$ curl

If you’re still having issues, are you able to view the raw file in your browser by following the steps above? If not, let’s see if clearing your browser’s cache and cookies helps.

See screenshot
with token

token is valid only for 5 minutes after i refresh browser that i got 404 not found
and i have clean cache and cookies from different browser the same issue having

without token

Ah, thanks for those @MohdRashid01!

I think this might be worth shooting an email to GitHub Support about this. They’ll be able to help from backstage and provide some more personal help :slight_smile: