HTTP 404 on invitation. Am logged in as the invited email too

I cannot accept an invitation to contribute to a repository. It just keeps taking me to an HTTP 404 error page. I’ve searched the help here and, yes, I am logged into a verified GitHub account with the email address to which the invitation was sent. So this should work right?

What am I missing? Isn’t the only “identity” on an invitation the email address? Or is it something else?

Here’s the sequence of events.

  1. My boss sent me an invitation - to my work email address - to contribute to a repo
  2. I clicked the invitation and it took me to GitHub.
  3. Clicked “Accept” but got the error page.
  4. Realized my logged-in github account was a personal one, with a different email address so I logged out, and created a new GitHub account with my work email address.
  5. I verified the new GitHub account (from the email message) and then logged in
  6. Went back to my boss’ original invitation to contribute and tried it again. Same result. HTTP 404

Is there some other step I need to take? I’ve tried this on two different browsers (Chrome and Edge) with extensions enabled and disabled

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

The steps you took should have worked. You might want to clear the browser caches during step 5?

It’s also possible the invite might have expired, depending on when it was sent? (They last 7 days.)

It might be best to ask your boss to cancel the invite and re-send it, using your GitHub username rather than your email address.

That was it. It is fixed now, thank you.

I think the hiccup was that when I received the first invite and didn’t have an account with a matching email address, instead of creating one right then and there, I went out and separately I manually created one and tried to use it. Something didn’t match up between the invited identity and my manually-created one.

But once he re-sent the invite and my account already existed, it all matched up.

ok, my case is too similar not to connect them -
Ive been invited to a group with a +mumble suffix to my gmail account.
I can open the invite page, but the buttong gives me 404
Must I create a new account ?
Ive already added the version and verified it.

Well @jimc a colleague of mine received the same invitation and I believe it worked for her because a) she was logged out of GitHub when she tried to accept it and b) she used the link that it (the invitation) provided to create a new account as she was trying to accept it.

Worst case scenario: Create an account and have them re-send the invitation to the account username if possible. Fixed it for me.

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Hi! I have same problem. I have invite and it not expired(7 days for it), and I have verified account by email account. But when I’m trying activate invite I get 404 error. Reposetory owner sent me new invite, but I have 404 error again. What we do wrong?

Hi @lliypuk - did you get the new invitation sent to your GitHub username, rather than your email address? That should fix it!

Thanks for the answer! It’s weird, but today I tried to accept the invite again and it worked! No 404 error and access to the repository

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