Html works ok but css and images are 404


I have my blog hosted on github pages for many years now.
Always managed to resolve problems I had with Jekyll on SO but I’m stumped with this one. There are others questions related to CSS on this forum but are related to case sensitiveness problems which is not the case here.

The site builds correctly locally.
However, on, it seems that all the files located in my /public folder are not copied by Github page engine eg doesn’t result to

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Kraymer, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It looks like your CSS is working now. Did you manage to figure this out?

Hi @thomasshaped no I didn’t manage to figure the problem out.

See how there are still 404 errors when loading the homepage :

OK fixed : I had a public repo named “public” that interfered with the “public” dir of the blog repo