Howto connect to github from custom ssh library


I’ve written my own ssh libraries for sharing and communicating on the Linux desktop (but not limited to).

Already working: sharing files using sftp, todo: sftp subsystem on server, ssh server, backup, text/video chat, desktop sharing using nx, portforwarding to client for example cups and MySQL. See: GitHub - stefbon/OSNS: Open Secure Network Services

I’m now busy adding support for Windows Networking (SMB2/3) using the library libsmb2 (GitHub - sahlberg/libsmb2: SMB2/3 userspace client).

Now in near future I want to add support for git to the FUSE fs: user can browse repositories, get notified of actions like someone forked as he/she wishes.
Now how do I connect to the github resources using my own ssh libraries. To compare: to use sftp over ssh, first a connection has to be made, and then the sftp subsystem has to be started over a dedicated channel, and initialized.
How does this with Github. Is there also a subsystem, or portforwarding?

Thanks in advance,
Stef Bon