How to write shell bash script for cookie with mutiples token

I have a cookie_jar file below is the content of that cookie_jar file

# Netscape HTTP Cookie File
# This file was generated by libcurl! Edit at your own risk. TRUE    /   FALSE   0   TS21xx72R2  01786344cc36119d024ed021fc31dad790cc200981f044 TRUE    /   TRUE    0   UserxxxId   1we9edfauoefklare TRUE    /   TRUE    0   BUILD0  1teji23jksdfas    FALSE   /   TRUE    0   BIGipS~NP_QA_QF~LQAS0_7011  !qaE44xdbX2OjQtdL9Ez/f7vw2P/dxPd2WvZ9xQ== TRUE    /   FALSE   0   TS01dda1cb  01786344cc027084e046d692cedc2bbedc95e2512d8557aedca2

I want to have all above cookiename=cookievalue should have in one script and all the cookievalue should show in one line

Tell me How to write a script for above to get cookivalue with there cookiename

Example of i have written some script of it

TS21xx72R2="$(grep -m 1 "TS21xx72R2" cookie_jar | awk -F' ' '{print $7}')" 
UserxxxId="$(grep -m 1 "UserxxxId" cookie_jar | awk -F' ' '{print $7}')"

#Like that i have written all 14 cookievalue total is 14

echo $TS21xx72R2 $UserxxxId

# below command dont know where to write what it will do dont know 
cookie_value =  "cookie: TS21xx72R2='$TS21xx72R2'; UserxxxId='$UserxxxId'"
echo "$cookie_value

NOTE:- BIGipS~NP_QA_QF~LQAS0_7011 (when i execute the script i got error that "No such file or directory") but every word is correct in both script and my file

New Script will be great helpful