How to watch stargazers again - overview page is gone with redesign

As you can see in the picture, Github changed the design of the three buttons in the right upper corner of a repository:

The change happened in the last month or so and since then I can’t click on stars to view all the individual stargazers of my repositories. Is there any way for me to get back this functionality?

yup, even me, I cannot click to see the list, as of this moment

On mobile, GitHub - e-m-b-a/emba: EMBA - The security analyzer for embedded device firmware.

The item is above the item you’re used to clicking.

On desktop, it’s on the right side:

And it takes you to:

You could also just URL hack as GitHub urls are regular.

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Thank you - this was really helpful. I could have searched for a bit longer, then I could have found this myself.

it’s because of the mobile version I think, so you need to go to the root of the repo, and click the stars to see them,