How to view mails from noreplay in github

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Hi Rohithaditya,

If you’re having trouble receiving any emails from first try running a search of any spam folders or trash. I know that sounds like standard stuff but you’d be amazed at how often that locates these things.

I also suggest checking for any email filters that might be in place in your settings. It’s really common to set up a filter that you then forget all about to hide away stuff you think you’ll never need based on a rule (such as mark any ‘noreply’ email as read and delete it or do the same when the sender is “GitHub”) because it was identified from a mailshot or some other email notification but inadvertently catches the ones you do want to get through. I know I’ve been caught out by this a few times. :upside_down_face:

If you still can’t find any emails you’re expecting I’d recommend reaching out to private support who will be able to identify any issues on your account itself (such as your email provider rejecting it, or mis-typed email addresses even)

Hope that helps
Billy :cowboy_hat_face: