How to verify that a check suite/run has been Rerequested?


I know how to rerequest a check suite using the API:

After I rerequest a failing check suite I get a list of check runs for a ref using:

The rerequested check runs still show up as “Failed” in the API and the UI while the rerun is in inprogress. How can I tell that a rerun is in progress via the API?


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Did you try the other APIs, such as List check runs in a check suite or Get a single check run? Whether they returned the same result?
I tested using the Re-run checks button and the API to re-run the failed checks, they all can show the corect status of checks.
Please make sure when you execute the API, the checks still are in process, and make sure you find the correct check run IDs. The check run ID will be changed after re-run.

Found a bug for the UI problem:

Looks like the check suite status does eventually change to “queued” when it is retried, but unfortunately never seems to change back. I could not find a bug about this.

@rmistry I’m facing the same issue. Where did you use the rerequest API? On your local? or On GitHub Action?