How to verify organization email

Hi, I’m already verified my domain, but green “Verified” button is not appeared yet and when I read I should verify my organization email too

The question is how to do it? Thanks

Screenshot 2020-11-23 075526

I already verified my org. domain

looks like my email should be for example “”, I can’t use another email domain to get verified button

Hello @iwgx and welcome to the community.

You’ll only get the Verified button if you verify a domain or domains that covers both your organization’s configured website and email address. As it states in the documentation:

To display a “Verified” badge, the website and email information shown on your organization’s profile must match the verified domain or domains. If the website and email address shown on your organization’s profile are hosted on different domains, you must verify both domains.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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thanks for your response

so can I say if I still using as my email domain, I can’t verify it right?
I should using my organization exclusive email domain

You can go through the process of verifying, but you won’t get the “Verified” badge on the organization page.

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thanks, yeah did it before
then, since I’m not own “” so I think it’s impossible

It’s clear now

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