How to use the /object folder


I am using GutHub since a couple of months so I am still learning a lot about its big advantages.

I have to work on a project which was first developed by someone else a couple of years ago. I was provided with afs location, .git folder but I see only the /objects folder has contents.

As far as I saw reading here and there, this folder is used usually for recovery purposes and the actual objects are hash representation of commits.

Why should anyone leave this folder only in a repo? How should I use it to retrieve the source code of the project?

Please advise. 

Unless you know about the internals of how Git does things, it isn’t recommended to alter anything inside the .git directory of a Git repository. You can essentially consider the .git directory to be an opaque database that you interact with solely via git commands. So you shouldn’t need to use the object folder directly for anything in the normal operation of Git.

To answer your greater question about how can you use this information you were given, it sounds like you were given the location of a “bare” repository. A bare Git repository is a repository that is intended only to be used as a server, not for direct use by people doing work. You would clone from that location to your local machine to do your work.