How to Use pomelo-admin-web tool?

Hi, Everybody! I’m a beginner of pomelo. And I wanna make a small game server. Pomelo is just i want. But i have problem. I dwloaded pomelo-admin-web tools from Git. It uses port number 7001. I insert my admin module to my game-server. And set the port number of admin server 7001. Finally I start pomelo-admin-web. But It doesn’t work. Every panel on the page( localhost:7001) is blank. What do I have to do?

Have you followed the steps in Quick-start-guide ? Do you have a project and a web server, and are both running?

You might consider posting an issue in the Pomelo repo.

Hi, Fire-Egg! Thank you for your quick response.

My game-server and web-server worked well. But pomelo-admin-web doesn’t. I followed the “quick start”. But I have a question. Where I have to “git clone pomelo-admin-web”? My game-server and web-server directory is in the “mycustom” directory. And I run “git” command in the “mycustom” directory". Then, “pomelo-admin-web” directory created.

In my configuration,

game-server/config/master.json : “host”: “”, “port”:3005

game-server/config/adminUser.json: “username”:“admin”, “password”:“admin”, “level”:1

pomelo-admin-web/config/admin.json:“username”:“amin”, “password”:“admin”, “port”:3005

What I don’t know? Expect your kind reply

Thank you so much for suggestion…