How to use OR in a search query

I know how to use AND, when creating a string query of search terms. It would look like this: q=term1+term2+term3. This will find pages that include all of the terms.

But how do you use OR?

I’ve tried this: q=term1 OR term2 OR term3, but it doesn’t work.

Hi @wiazur!

This would be a really cool feature.
Unfortunately at present we don’t support logical OR with our qualifiers in search at present. However this is a highly sought after feature and is something we are looking into, along with search as a whole.

I’m afraid however I don’t have an ETA on when, or if, we may offer this. Rest assured that we do feel the pain here and I have added a plus one against this feature request for you.

Do keep track of our changelog over at for any features and functionality!

We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Support Community, and we consider every suggestion we receive.
Would you mind submitting this through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request?