How to use only security keys as 2fa?


I have two security keys and I would want it to be the only source of 2fa for my account but Git Hub still allows me to authenticate using text messages or recovery codes. It seems I can’t manage these options as I would like to. Moreover this documentation Configuring two-factor authentication - GitHub Docs says

Authentication with a security key is secondary to authentication with a TOTP application or a text message. If you lose your security key, you’ll still be able to use your phone’s code to sign in.

I could accept to keep the recovery codes option, but I don’t want text messages or TOTP application. Can I configure 2fa like this ?

Thanks for reading me :blush:

Hey @alex-meunier, not right now, but maybe in the future! In the meantime, you’ll have to configure a TOTP app or SMS number before you can use a security key.