How to use Kodi repository published on GitHub


I started to use Kodi on my RaspberryPi and installed a few Addons.

I am interested to watch TV from site This is Israel site.

I found GitHub located at I assume it might help me.

The problem is that I don’t know how to use this repository from GigHub.

Could someone please explain / direct me how to use this this repository? I need kind of step directions …


Hi @susja,

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As for your question, the linke you provided is actually going to a 404. Can you double check the URL?

If you have questions about a particular project hosted on GitHub, you can usually open up an issue in the repository to ask for help. Alternatively, most projects hosted on GitHub have contributing guidelines that will explain just how you should seek support for that particular project (sometimes they will include an email address or a link to a forum for that specific project). I would recommend checking the repository for the project you’re working in for a README or CONTRIBUTING file that might explain how to best get support.


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Thanks a lot for letting me know that you moved my topic.
I verified that a link I provided results in 404 (not sure why since it worked for me).
Anyway I found another working link
My goal still the same: watch video using Kodi and GitHub repository.
Hope that someone could explain me how to do it.
Thanks again

As you suggested I also opened ‘an issue ‘ for that Repository and requested to explain how to use it