How to use jsdelivr cdn

Hello sir/madam,I am not a programmer.I am disable I can use jsdelivr cdn for my blog :confused:? Can any kind person could teach me step by step how I can activate jsdelivr cdn on my blog ?

Hey @epeoplegit

do you want to use a library on your blog via CDN or do you want to publish your library via CDN. 

Greets :slight_smile:

Hope this will help you
Follow the below steps to install NGT jsDelivr CDN for free:
1.Login to your WordPress Dashboard
2. Navigate to Add New under Plugins menu
3. Search and install the NGT jsDelivr CDN by Nicolas
4. Activate the plugin

yep…that’s it.

Sorry for late reply. Sir after activate that plugin there any other setup is remains for do ?:confused:

Sorry for late reply. Sir I am not a developer. So how to setup