How To Use GitHub to Reverse Engineer a Career

I’m a copywriter currently very frustrated withb the state of my job and my industry. Have been for a few years now. Just recently, I found space in my schedule for studying throughout next year and I’d like to make software dev my end goal. But obviously there are a lot of paths to choose from and, as I’m learning, I’ll probably be learning for the rest of my life.

But what’s the quickest route into dev I can take right now that will open me up to start earning immediately. I want to develop my abilities as I go, but I need to be able to work in this field ASAP if I don’t want to starve.

I’m thinking Web Dev, to start with. How do I use GitHub to start a portfolio as soon as possible?

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You will also find that some choose to use the GitHub Pages feature to host an online portfolio of their coding projects when starting out.  I hope that helps you on that end as you begin to get feedback from the community on areas of development that align with your interests.

Hi @duncanreyneke,

If you haven’t already seen this particular thread, you may also find some of the commentary here New to Programming and Github, How can I pursue in coding world?  useful.


I agree with your assessment, learning HTML / CSS and some Javascript as a web developer is likely to be the fastest way to get a paying tech job. If you do it right, you can work independantly in your own time and not give up your “day job” right away!

Developing a portfolio is an excellent idea. You can use Github pages as free hosting for your portfolio, at least as far as demoing static web pages is concerned. If you plan to go as far as creating dynamic web pages, you’ll need to investigate other hosting methods; that however is fairly far down the road. I can’t think off-hand of any good portfolio examples from other user, perhaps someone else in the community can suggest some? [@infinite-dreams has been posting recently in the community, perhaps take a look at her repositories?]

As to the “quickly” part, I’d suggest a bootcamp, online course, or other means to jump into the deep end at your own pace and go as fast as you want. Create a bunch of demo sites to highlight different target industries, show some techniques, and set up links to them via your Github Page.