How to use Github Desktop to upload files to a specific branch?

I’m very new to this.

I have software with two versions that I want to preserve. I created a repository with two branches (call them “b1” and “b2”). I couldn’t upload the files via Github’s web interface–it couldn’t handle more than 100 files.

So, I downloaded Github desktop (Mac), cloned the online repository, then selected “b1” branch. Then, using the Mac’s Finder, I opened Documents/Github/myprojectXYZ and copied all the files for one version into it. Then in Github desktop I committed the files to branch b1, and now I can see them on the Github web interface, under brach “b1”. So far so good.

Now I want to do the same for the second version of my software, and am stumped. How do I use Github desktop to upload the files for version 2? I could copy the files into Documents/Github/myprojectXYZ, but it already contains the files for version 1.


I think I answered my own question. I thought the project folder was full of files from the first branch, but when I took another look, it was empty. I guess Github desktop clears it after it’s synced (pushed? not sure about the terminology) with the online repository. So in Github desktop, I selected the second branch, copied the other files into the folder, then clicked on “Push origin” button at top right. That seemed to populate the second branch in the online repository w/ the files I had just copied.