How to use GitHub as SCM for a project

Hi All,

I am very new in Git.

I am in a project where we use SVN for source code management.

Project is Java base. Current SVN has two branches, one for production and another for development.

Now we would like to move from SVN to GitHub with same structure (production and development).

It would be nice if you let me know what steps i should follow to achive the same.

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Hi and welcome to this incredible world! 

You have to know that there are many kind of version control systems: local VCS, centralized, and distributed. SVN is a centralized VCS. 

In the other hand although GitHub is know as version control platform, this is managed using Git, a distributed VCS. 

So, before to migrate it, you should learn how to use git, then how to use git with GitHub, how GitHub works (basics), and then you’ll be ready for migrate your project from SVN. 

Here you have a link from Atlassian about how to migrate from VSN to Git

Greetings from Mexico! 

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You can use Github’s import tool to import SVN repositories.