How to use a different user's fork after forking something yourself?

So I found and forked it. A bit later I found and it has a bunch of improvements and is a fork of the former it seems, so I can’t fork it again (which is a good thing I guess).

How do I take the modifications from the latter into my fork and merge with my changes? Would this work for importing a fourth guy’s work (on his 4th fork, counting the original as the 1st) as well?

Hi @YVgit one way of doing this would be to copy the file/s from the updated fork you found into your fork.

This would be a direct copy and pasting of files from one repository to another.
You can download the zip of the other fork to your local machine.

If you don’t plan to keep any of the code from your fork, you can overwrite all the current files in your fork with those from this other fork.

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The git way to do this would be to add the second fork as a “remote” of your local repository. You can then fetch from it and checkout/merge/reset or whatever else as you like, and push to your own fork.

If you’re not familiar with remotes, check the Git Book chapter Working with Remotes!