How to upload an entire folder?

Thanks @matelaszlototh This worked like a charm!!

It’s too complicated for a very very simple task.  I have followed these commands and got failed. So funny.


yeah, but you need a rat move.

It is not benefit for ones who rely mainly on command lines and work without a desktop environment.

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This didn’t work for me,… it wanted less than 100 files. I tried to do it manually because it would push my latest changes. Well, it said it did, but it was only pushing up my git attributes.


If you want to upload an entire file, I think you might read this:Adding a file to a repository

Oh thanks @tranqv!!!

Hello! I would tell everyone reading this thread that drag and drop works very well even if you have other folders in that folder…it might not be working previously but it works from 2020 onwards.

It worked.
Thank you so much

thank you.

For some reason Git Bash (on windows) didn’t like my LFs so now its replacing my 696,424 .txt files with CRLF ones…

It does not work for me too…

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You need to have a file within the folder, thats how I got it to work

Awesome! works well with folders containing thousandsss

Hey, I used the same commands but got error while push origin master:

fatal : 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal : Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have you have the correct access rights  
and the repository exists

Any suggestions?

Thanks, it worked. This is easiest way for quick updates.

That sound like you don’t have the origin remote configured correctly. The right settings will depend on which repository you’re using and how you’re authenticating. For general help with remotes, see:

Try GIT Bash, use the following codes to upload the whole folder.

  • Open Git Bash.
  • cd projectname
  • git init
  • git remote add origin<username>/<repo>.git
  • git remote -v (for checking current repository)
  • git add -A (add all files)
  • git commit -m 'Add files via upload'
  • git pull --rebase origin master
  • git push origin master
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Is drag and drop no longer working on the web ui? I can no longer drag files or folders. It worked fine before so I’m not sure if it’s a conflict with my browser or not. I’ve tried Vivaldi (Chromium) and Edge.

ps. site word filtering is awful, (someting) try spelling it correctly. smh

Try Using Github Desktop select your repository files and push the repo

Just Drag it in the Upload area. It will upload and make a new folder for you.
It works for me , Using Mozilla Firefox