How to update Wiki Image

As a Github total newbie I’m struggling to update a simple jpg image in a project Wiki (user guide).

Updating (markdown) text is easy enough. In the “edit” mode make your changes, hit “save page” with an optional comment what the change was for and that’s it. My editing rights are ok so that’s not the issue.

What I’d like to do is to update an image referenced in the markdown text ; I’d simply like to overwrite the old image … project site / mcHF-quick-manual.png with a new updated png.
Complete source provided below.

My intuitive approach would be to overwrite the old image in the respective directory with the new file but I guess the versioning system must be used somehow.

The site owner unfortunately didn’t respond to my query, and I was unable to find any documentation on how to do the this including an “update Wiki image” topic in this forum.

I have Git CMD installed on my W10 PC should I need this for the fork etc. procedure but this seems a bit top-heavy just to update an image in the documentation.

Any help much appreciated.



UHSDR Quick Operating Guide

This document is useful if you are looking for a very simple guide how to operate the mcHF: