How to update preferred git tool after starting course?

The Introduction to GitHub class has this form input selection option

Additional Options
Preferred Git tool
Learn right from the web UI, or using your chosen tool

  • Use the web interface

  • Use the command line

  • Use Visual Studio Code

The default is to Use the web interface, which is what I got for I overlooked the option because the list was closed.

The only way I could find to set it to Use the command line was to delete the course and start over.

If you know of an easier way to modify this after creating the repo, please reply here for future users.

It makes sense. i.e. deleting the repository or resetting it to a pristine state and start over.

Probably hard resetting your fork to its upstream repo would be easier, since you won’t have to delete it and re-fork it.

Since there are no actual links to the this class, I’m assuming it’s a repository which you fork (or clone) locally and then follow step-by-step instructions which involve Git operations on the fork (whether it’s kept online, in case of the WebUI, or locally, for all other tools).