How to update my fork in GitHub Desktop

I started to contribute to a project. Using GitHub desktop, I forked the project and started working on it. The client keeps the code on my computer synced with the fork in my repositories.

However, when I visit the fork-repo on, the page tells me that it is a couple of commits behind upstream. Why is this not shown in the GitHub desktop client?

The way I fix this is to fetch from upstream in and then sync using GitHub desktop. Is there a way to check on this and do this from the app?

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:wave: @danielniccoli – in GitHub Desktop the upstream branches are available from the branches list, allowing you to merge changes from upstream and keep your fork in sync. You can go to History and use the Select Branch to Compare option at the top of the commit list to select a branch to compare to your current branch. I hope that helps!

Hi, yeah that works. Even thought it is not really comfortable. I feel it would be better, if the app notifies me that changes happened on upstream, and ask me whether I like to sync them.