How to update Getting started with GitHub Apps

Hi, I’m following the Getting started with GitHub Apps path and I saw some things that I’d like to fix. However, I cannot find where to find the repo to create a PR.

What I found:

  • Step 2 rejects :construction:
  • Step 9 asks for ‘Find the endpoint that an app would use to create a label on an Issue’ for which the correct answer is (also?) POST /repos/{owner}/{repo}/issues/{issue_number}/labels not POST /repos/:owner/:repo/labels (also notice the template syntax).

Hi @robinpokorny! We would be so happy for you to contribute changes to the course!

The course repository is here: GitHub - githubtraining/introduction-to-github-apps: Course repo for Learning Lab course "introduction-to-github-apps". Template repo

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile: