How to update a check run status after it is already completed?

I use a check run with user actions. I set the check run with:

        'actions': ...

to show the actions. This sets the status of check run to completed. When user actually clicks the button, I run a long process, so I want to set the status back to in_progress. However it looks like once check status is completed, there is no going back. And setting `action_required’ conclusion auto-completes the status. Is there way to reset existing status?


You can using the “Update a check run” API to re-set the status of the check run.

That’s what I tried to explain, once I set status to completed, it doesn’t go back to in_progress. There is no way to clear conclusion field either


I noticed this introduction about the “conclusion” parameter (see here):

Note: Providing conclusion will automatically set the status parameter to completed. Only GitHub can change a check run conclusion to stale.

This may be able to explain your question.