How to unflag my account?

One of my accounts was recently flagged. After it happened (for no reason I’m sure) the series of troubles began:

  1. I opened support ticket that remains unanswered and ignored, so I have no any support from GitHub
  2. I decided to turn to GitHub community in order to solve my problem, but in addition to flagging the account, it was marked as spam. As a result I have no way to log into community forum and ask any questions there under that account.
  3. All the threads related to "flagged accounts’ have links that supposed to redirect me to some ‘support form’ that i can fill in in order to be assisted, but all the links are broken and lead to nowhere

I feel completely ignored by GitHub and left abandoned with my problem.

My account is dedicated to online school and there are many students that need access to it’s repositories.
How can i solve my problem? Please help.

how many accounts do you have ? GitHub encourages to only use one and just simply add different email addresses