How to undo "git commit -m'disable automatic publication of documentation'

I created a repository and can view it at as in the documented instructions. I performed a “git commit -m’disable automatic publication of documentation’” so that my repo would only be locally accessible. I now want to make it public. I changed the repo to public, but I still can’t view it at its location. I don’t see that commit in the output from “git log”. Is there a way to revoke this commit if I can’t see it? I know I can create a new repo if I have to, but it seems odd that I can’t undo this.


I fear there’s some confusion here… :sweat_smile:

Which instructions? That’s definitely not a general Git thing. We need context to help.

Making a commit as such will never change the visibility of a repository. The content of a commit might, if you’re using some kind of system that does that. Again, please provide context.

If you don’t see a commit in the log, either it wasn’t created (the commit command failed) or you’re looking at the wrong branch (or other ref, or repository).

In general, editing commit history is possible but can lead to trouble if you already shared it, see Git - Rewriting History.

That is a fair observation. The instructions I am talking about are a composite of this:

and a few instructions from MK Docs

Basically I created my repo and then added this:
“git commit -m’disable automatic publication of documentation’"
which made prevented the published docs from being visible via the

I did find that command in the .git/logs/HEAD so I might be able to figure this out. I thought I should see it in the output from
git log
but it doesn’t show up there.
I did find it with this though, so I think I am good now:

git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit

Sorry for the confusing question!


That’s really weird, the only difference between those two commands is formatting. :sweat_smile:

I’m glad you found the commit though!