How to Turn Propsed Changes into a PR

Hi all,

I was recently trying to propose changes to a Just the Docs page and after I pressed “Propose changes” button, I thought my proposed changes would turn into a pull request and/or notify the project owner to adopt the changes in some other way. But neither he nor I can see my proposed changes anywhere and they don’t seem to have turned into a pull request. Here’s a gif of how it worked.. You can see the issue I opened on this for the site here: Did I successfully suggest changes? · Issue #108 · LOST-STATS/ · GitHub

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

So it looks like you have multiple branches in your fork of the repo, where you have made changes:

What you need to do is find the appropriate branch with the change you want to send back to them, and click Pull Request here to start a pull request back to the original repo

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Okay great - thank you! Do you know if that is default behavior of the Propose changes button? Or is it something dumb I’m doing on my end.

Yes, it is default behaviour in this instance.

If I go to that site, and click the “Edit this page on GitHub”, it takes me to the edit page, like you saw, where I could edit the page, and click Propose changes. When I clicked PRopose Changes, it automatically forked their repo, and created a branch in my fork called patch-1. You can see in the screenshot below it created a branch for me on my fork called patch-1

So the interface is trying to be smart, by auto-forking the repo (or detecting if you have already forked it), and then creating a branch for you to submit your change back to the project. If you already have a branch called patch-1, then it increments, patch-2, patch-3, etc…

Got it - okay. Thank you!

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