How to turn off releases in dashboard feed?

I’ve followed a bunch of people on GitHub, and starred some projects. But now in dashboard feed (in case you don’t know, “dashboard feed” is the event list on the home page after you login, it basically displays “someone you are following just starred this project”), it displays “someone you are following just created 2 releases in this project”, yet that’s a project I’ve neither watched nor starred. Also there’s now “some bot just created 2 releases in this project you starred”.

I mean, yes I’ve starred that project, but if I’m interested in following a project’s release, I would have watched its release through the “Watch” button. How are those events gonna help me?

It’s really annoying and I cannot find any place to turn it off. All I want from the dashboard feed is to see what projects other people have starred.

As you can see from the documentation it says only the following events will be shown on personal dashboard:

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Feel free to use this extension i had written: GitHub - gautamkrishnar/refined-github-feeds: This browser extension enables you to filter the GitHub news feeds based on different event types.. You can also use any userscipt manager like to inject css to hide the unwanted junk.

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