How to trigger workflow run once a day if changes occured on a specific path?

I’m migrating from TeamCity to GA. My trigger has two conditions, a schedule trigger and changes on a specific path condition. For the schedule part I found the way. However I don’t know how to add a the other condition. In the documention I only found * [ on.<push|pull_request>.paths ]
(Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs).

There is no on.schedule.paths

name: Daily build

  • cron: “*0 0 * * *” # every day at midnight

You aren’t going to be able to combine the schedule job with something else. So instead you are going to have to come up with a way that, when the schedule job runs, to determine if there have been any changes on the path. I’m not sure of any easy way to do that.

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Yeah I have to work with custom scripts. Thank you mickey

Great news. There is a solution posted to this problem:

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