How to transfer Local Wordpress site hosted on github

So i have been looking for hours for a simple guide on how to upload online a local wordpress website hosted by github. I have github student, a domain, a working local site and I have managed to type hello world on my page I left it at the point where i had the repository inside my theme in the wordpress folder but the desktop github app didnt allow me to sync because of “wrong endings CHL” or something, I couldn’t get passed that. Also the desktop github app doesnt find the git coding app, i have tried many things, can someone point me to the right and EASY guide?

Hey there @chrisliaskonis, maybe I can help you here!

Right now, GitHub Pages only supports static sites (sites that don’t change without the code being changed) 🙂 Unfortunately, Wordpress sites run on PHP which isn’t able to be hosted by GitHub. Regarding this error that you’re getting, would you be able to send over a screenshot of this error message or even a video of it?

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when i am trying to “commit to master” in the github app i get the error  also when i am trying to open command prompt from the github app it says that i havent installed git which i have, so i am stuck at a point where i have the repository in my localhost/theme and i dont know what to do

"Warning: line endings have changed from ‘LF’ to 'CRLF 

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Thanks for that @chrisliaskonis,

Have you recently changed devices (i.e. from Mac to Windows)? Also, what operating system are you currently using?

Just let me know, and I’ll see what I can suggest! 

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i have always used windows 8.1 and one machine

Gotcha @chrisliaskonis,

Are you able to force Git to push the files to GitHub by using the commands here? Keep in mind that by force pushing to GitHub, things can go wrong 🙂


Is there any alternative to importing wordpress into github. I am having an older version of wordpress  website currently planning build a new website. Suggest to me which platform to develop to get hosted on github. 

Hey there @lisa875,

I’m not aware of any tools that allow you to convert a WordPress site to a static site as needed by GitHub Pages, but most functionality would be lost if there was anyways, simply because it’s now static. If you’re planning on building a new website, simple HTML + CSS + JS/Angular/Vue/whatever is likely your best port of call! 

Some years ago I was using wordpress for my personal website, and then I discovered GitHub pages for migrate it. Unfortunately Workdpress is based on php/mysql, and GP it’s only for static websites.

I found useful this feature for help to local communities to get a website and a blog post open for their members in a GitHub Organization, maybe at the beginning it look like more complicated that have a web interface for configure, but it’s a great option for learn about git, submodules and GitHub, and make a little project open source. my last recent work was the iOS Developers MX blog, you could see this project here. I made this using Go Hugo, but you can use other static generators as Jekyll for example. 

I think that GitHub pages it’s a powerful option for mount sites. 

This are the design illustrations for the go hugo blog:

Can i use my blog (Education) as Github blog? Is it necessary to first convert blog to Wordpress? What is the necessary steps to transfer static Wordpress site usig Github. 


Yeah, that’s quite a challenge you are talking about.  Unfortunately I cannot give you the perfect answer just yet. 

Me and my guys are working on a problem to solve similar problems like yours. 

We know all the struggle you experience during testing a new plugin or creating a new landing page. It is also difficult to write new content or doing anything specific while your teammate would want to work on the same website like you do.

We at Geekbee know exactly that teamwork with WordPress is extremely hard because you need to deal with the database and file changes and if we experienced this phenomenon then others did too.

In this case actually you don’t have full access to the wodpress site.(FTP, database and ssh). It is really annoying.

You can’t work together as a team on the same site. 

This is a common problem with WordPress if you don’t use a good wordpress version control system.

We’ve solved this problem with my team. You can create several staging and development branches and merge the files and database changes with one click. We provide ftp and ssh access to each staging environment.

Our program will save you time and will make it much simpler to develop a wordpress site in a team.

That’s how was born.

If this sounds like something that will make your life a whole lot better let’s talk.

Please let me know if you are interested in.


Hello, I read through the replies here thinking it will address a question I have in mind, but it did not.
I’m working on a WordPress site and I have to push it to Github so I can host it using netlify, how possible is this? I’m new to working with WordPress and Github.

As far as I understand, there is still no convenient and automatic solution? It is important for me to see the changes on my site, which are made by different freelancers, maybe this can be done with simpler methods??