How to test config.yml before pushing?

I am working now on creating my own GitHub Learning Labs. I find it difficult to track mistakes that I make inside of the config.yml file. Is there a way to validate the changes before pushing?

@askalski85 this is a great question! We are working on some cool new things to make this easier for you – stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, when you first publish the course, Learning Lab automatically creates it as a draft. This allows you to run through the course and make sure everything is working as expected. We also recommend dropping your code in to make sure there aren’t any unexpected YAML formatting errors!

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I’d love to see yamllint automatically run on every yaml/yml file in pull requests. It’d catch so many mistakes and seems like it’s always applicable.

This is really helpful, i spent hours stuck not knowing why my jekyll build was failing only to parse my _config.yml through yamlint and found it had a syntax error. By the way, the yaml extension on vscode is a saver too.

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For anyone who is interested - we’ve also released a new course building tool that will validate the course yaml for you! You can access it here: