How to tell the GitHub username for a commit/push

TLDR: Want to find way to find the GitHub username of who did the git push (or authored the code) for a commit in the commit route of the GItHub API.

I want to be able to associate a commit push with a GitHub username so that I can find all of the commits made by a GitHub user. Theoretically this should be possible but I can’t find anything in the GitHub commits API that would let me do this (the and commit.committer, as far as I can tell are Git properties and not GitHub properties)

This is an example of commit route of the API that I used:
There is nothing in the commit with the sha 347a9f925dc8e183e3ce50cf9941266311efa154 that would tell me that the GitHub user for this push/commit is ‘MinuraSilva’.

Am I missing something in the commit route of the API? Alternatively, is there any other API route that would let me do this?

Usually I search for commit of user by using git log command by in case of Github you can use Search API I guess:

No familiar with the subject but code example in this section is very similar to what you asking

Often this isn’t retained and is only available in the actual push event itself.

Mozilla when it used Mercurial a decade ago implemented something called the pushlog which implemented this.

It’s relatively easy to implement this using an on: push as long as one has some persistent storage to persist the list of shas that were presented in a given push.