how to take an updated function and put it in matlab toolbox

Dear all,

I’m new on github and I still don’t understand how it works. I’m not a programmer, I’m working with a matlab toolbox (lead dbs). The developers updated a function and posted it on github. Now, I need to get that function and replace it in the toolbox. Can someone kindly explain me how to do step by step?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.




Do you have a link to the repository on GitHub for us?

Do you mean this one?

I clone the repository using github desktop then I put it in matlab (current directory -> source control -> manage file -> source control integration -> git), so I changed repository path (repository URL) and i selected an empty folder as sandbox. After this, i run the toolbox but doesn’t work how it should. Did i make some mistake?

Thanks, Arianna

Does it work if you just download the ZIP file from GitHub, then move that to the correct location and then try it out?