How to sync plugins for UE4 while working with a C++ Project?

My friend and I are working on a game project in UE4 4.26.2, its a c++ project.
I am using 15 plugins in UE4, my friend uses none. When I push the project on git, the
(project_name).uproject contains all the plugin data and everytime he pulls, he have to go through 30
pop ups asking him whether to install the plugins or ingore them and if ignore does he still wants to
open the project without those plugins.
How can I either make the (project_name).uproject ignore all the plugins I have or
How can I share all my plugins with him so he doenst have to go thorugh 30 pop ups everytime I push?

I want all the code in red blocks to be ignored. Or some other method to fix this problem.