How to sync master and fork on desktop GitHub without using code?

I need to sync a master that someone created for me with a fork I created. I am using a free GitHub version where I do not have to write code. I am a complete novice and would very much appreciate help. The person who created the master did not send pull requests so I cannot do it that way. Will be immensely grateful for your help asap. Thank yoiu.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

GitHub Desktop should offer you the branches of the original repository you forked from, as well as the branches of your fork.

Your fork’s branches will be called origin/branchname.

The original repo’s branches will be called upstream/branchname.

Here are some more detailed instructions on how to sync, taken from here:

To sync the master of your fork to the master of the original repository using GitHub Desktop:

Click on the ’ current branch ’ tab and first select ’ master ’ as the current branch (if it’s not already selected).

Click on the ’ fetch origin ’ button.

Click on the ’ current branch ’ tab again and click the ’ choose a branch to merge into master ’ button at the bottom.

NOTE: Looking down this list, you will find 2 entries for every branch. Those that are prefixed with origin/ are the branches in your fork , and those prefixed with upstream/ are those in the original repository on GitHub.

Select upstream/master from this list, and this pull the changes down from the master repository to bring your local clone up to date. Once you local clone has finished pulling the updates from the master repo, push these new changes to your fork , stored on GitHub, using the push origin button on GitHub desktop.