How to sync a non-gitted directory with a repository

My apologies if this has been answered, but I did not find a suitable answer with google…

My situation: I have a working live site. It is not on repository. I have a copy of the code in repository which presumably started from the live site. Changes have been made to the repository. Prior changes to the live site were made offline then sftp’d to the live site. I’ve made changes to the repository (hopefully all changes in the lives site are reflected in the repository). I’d like to sync the live site to the repository so future changes can be "git pull"ed. What’s the best way to sync the live site (not on repo) to the repo?

Are you asking how to get the contents of the live site into your local repository? Or are you asking how to turn the live site into a Git server so that you can git pull from the live site to your local repository?

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