How to stop e-mail notification of team deletion?

I tried turning off all e-mails in the Notification settings, but am still receiving e-mail notifications when a team I’m a member of has been deleted.

“The XXX team on the YYY organiation has been deleted”

Is there an option to turn off these e-mails?

I am considering using RepoBee to implement peer review in my class, but this process will involve creating and deleting a lot of teams - would prefer not to receive these e-mail notifications about team deletion.

Thank you,
Daniel E. Weeks

Hi @DanielEWeeks :wave:

The email for this action cannot be individually turned off. The only way to avoid it, would be turning off all notifications.

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Would you mind submitting this through our official product feedback form so that our product team can track your request?

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One of the the likely reasons include that this is useful to an attacker to disable. The emails have a pattern and I suggest using email filters as well as looking for ways to reduce the CRUD which is contributing to the noise.

I might also inquire what are the purposes of all these teams being created and deleted? Can you “reuse” or use generic team name?

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