how to squash the commits of a single folder in a forked repo

I am having a problem understanding the squashing features in GIT i.e., how to squash the folder of a particular forked repo and also how to squash the merged PR commits.

This is my forked repo: 

This is from where I forked and PR also generated pls have a look on that also:

please help me with this, I tried almost everything and I am frustrated

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If you’re looking for how to configure PRs in your repository so that you are able to squash the commits associated with them, our help documentation has a guide on how to do that.

As for how to squash commits in general, it’s generally done through a [git rebase --interactive]( command. This command allows you to rewrite the Git history between two points and interactively decide what commits are squashed, picked, deleted, or edited. What sort of problems are you running into here?