How to specify ssh to look in addition folder for keys


I’m new to this I’m a Jr, go easy on me.

I was tasked with adding another public key to a VM, I did that but I had to save the edits under a new file name which is authorized_keyTwo. I deleted the old one authorized_keys because I didn’t want there to be two files. Then i realized it didn’t actually remove it it just removed the contents, so I went back and re-added the contents and saved as the same name .

now there are three files in the .ssh folder two authorized_keys(one which has no contents) and one authorized_keyTwo.

Now I can’t ssh into the VM anymore, I think it’s checking for the original file and not the updated one. How do I direct it to look at the updated file and not the old one so I can shh into it? I’m using mobaXterm to ssh into the distro amazon linux ec2

I would love some help, please!! write the answers like your talking to a 5yrs, I have to fix this.

Thank you