How to simply run this macro in the background? Please help in correctly re-editing

HotKeySet("{F7}", "Pause")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Close")
Global $Pause = 1
While 1
    If $Pause = 0 Then

Func Pause()
    If $Pause = 0 Then
    $Pause = 1
    $Pause = 0

Func Close()

Simply this macro to rightclick on F7 should be run in the background, while in the foreground other tasks want to be completed. How does it look like? I can not add commands like sendctrl or controlclick or wintitle myself due to not having the knowledge on how they connect. Can you reading, can anyone, please help and re-write this for me so it runs in the background and the rightclicking is not happening in the foreground anymore? If possible (or naturally anyway) rightclick normally being used in the foreground as usually aswell

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to your reply

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Anyone please?