How to show organization repositories in personal repositories too


Let’s say I create a repository in XYZ organization. Can I also show that repository under my personal account’s repositories (without “Forking”)?  So, it was an indication that I am the author of that repo too.


Yes, you can. To do that you need to customize your pinned repository:

Then you can choose from: Your repositories and Repositories you contribute to , and select the repositories you want to visualize.

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I cannot see such options, I guess it’s only for enterprise accounts.

If you are a member of the repository and you have owner access or have been granted permission by the owner to have access of the repository,

  1. Copy the organisation repo-name eg:
  2. Go to your profile create new repository you will see import repository (link)
  3. Click the import repo link then paste the eg:
    You are good to go it will be cloned to your personal git
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No need for enterprise accounts, is a basic feature.