How to Share configuration between repos


i have multiple repositories on our Github Organization and seems like many of the ‘management repo’ part are being duplicated over and over on all repos.

basically it includes the following:

  • basic settings of newly created repo. (protected branch, status check, permissions, org environment variables, etc)
  • CI-CD Workflows that being copied from one repo to another.

the .github directory does not provides yet the solution for second topic as it has to be public even for private repositories:\

Also, creating template repository can help in the first creation of a repo but if i need to update the CI for any reason, i will need to create PR for ALL of our repos as every repo includes a copy.
also the template repository can help in some of the settings but not all of them.

i saw there are many tools out there(mergify, probot, etc) and wanted to hear from the community what being used as i assume its not something only we needs.