How to setup GitHub to not trigger Jenkins build


I have configured a GitHub repository for SQL Server .sql code deployments with a webhook to Jenkins. The deployments seem to be working fine but after the deployment, I delete the SQL code from the GitHub repository and it triggers a new Jenkins build. The concern I have is if I have multiple SQL code insert scripts in the repository and start deleting them from GitHub, Jinkins will start deploying again and data will duplicate. Does anyone know how to configure GitHub to not trigger a new Jenkins build while deleting code from the GitHub repository? So basically, the only time I want Jenkins to kick off a new build is when I add sql code to GitHub and hit the commit button. As of now my webhook settings are set to “Just the push event” and I feel like I’ve been thru all the GitHub webhook settings under “Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?”/ “Let me select individual events” . Any suggestions appreciated!