How to set-up builds for Xamarin apps in windows-latest VM?

In the docs provided here -

The Xamain SDK is installed on the VM is done so via this command

$VM_ASSETS/ --mono=6.12 --ios=14.10

and this is run on macos-latest.

How can I do the same thing (install the Xamarin SDK) in the windows-latest VM so I can build Android Xamarin Apps?
If someone tells me how, I’ll send a PR to update that doc too.


Xamarin is already included in the Windows and MacOS runners:

I use MacOS runners for building Xamarin apps for Android and iOS and do not have a ‘setup Xamarin’ step.

Thanks for the reply Dave,
The issue I have is that Mono.Debugging.VisualStudio.dll and related assemblies don’t seem to be included in the VM installation and I need those for the Windows extension I’m writing which includes debugging.

When I install the Xamarin packages in VS2019 and VS2022, they are there in the extension sub-dir under the respective ide installation directories, but they aren’t found on the VMs, AFAICT.

The actual path that seems to be missing on the VMs is

Which are referenced in my csproj and works fine from the command line here on my machine, for both VS2019 and VS2022, but it doesn’t find those in the VM. Hence the need to setup things for my needs.