How to set strings for failed CI checks of Scheduled Reminders


In Scheduled Reminder for user settings, I want to be notified when CI of Pull Request fails

However, there are very few setting examples of “Your PR has failed CI checks”, so I can’t understand how to do it if I want to set the workflow of GitHub Actions here.

My GitHub Actions workflow is shown below on the Pull Request screen.
スクリーンショット 2020-07-14 12.55.47

I would be grateful if anyone could tell me the correct setting.


The issue with receiving slack notifications for failed CI checks has been fixed. You can check again to confirm.

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Thanks a lot! I will check again!

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Any luck with this? I’m running into this problem too, and just tried again and couldn’t get any permutation of CI check name to work.

It’s unclear what the CI check name is expected to be. What I see in the UI on the pull request is prefixed with the GitHub App name, but referencing one in the protected branch settings on the repo it’s only the latter suffix that shows up in the list.

I’m not using GitHub Actions, but I tried the equivalent of:

  • check
  • Check / check
  • Check / check (pull_request)
  • "check"
  • "Check / check"
  • "Check / check (pull_request)"
  • check, Check / check, Check / check (pull_request)

And in all of these cases when the build fails and the status is updated, there’s no notification in Slack. Other real-time alerts are working, it’s just the CI check one that isn’t triggering.


Hi, My case is fixed and Slack is now notified when CI fails.

My CI name on pull request is “Check / check (pull_request)” and I have entered “check” for “Your PR has failed CI checks” in the scheduled reminder.

I hope it will be helpful.